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Watch out for the Brewers?

Mike McGinnis

Well, then I guess everything is fine now:

This is really just another chance to point out how weird baseball can be, especially over the course of just a month or three. The Brewers just didn't figure as the worst team in the National League, and now it seems they're not.

But the Brewers are still in last place, with the second-worst record in the National League. And those six shutouts since the 15th of June? Three of them were over the week-end, as the Brewers outscored the Marlins 9-0 in a three-game sweep. It's now been more than a week since the Marlins have scored!

Also, five of those six shutouts are team shutouts, as Wily Peralta's the only Brewer who's actually tossed a complete-game shutout this season, and Milwaukee starters' 4.67 composite ERA remains next-to-last in the league. Which is sort of a shame, considering their relief pitching's actually been quite good.

The hitting's been good, too ... except for Yuniesky Betancourt and nearly all of the bench guys who, with the exception of Juan Francisco, have been almost uniformly terrible.

This team's got big problems, though, with little help coming from the bushes. The fans have noticed, too. Just two years ago, the Brewers finished fourth in the National League in attendance. Last year they were sixth. This year they're ninth. Considering that Milwaukee is easily the smallest metropolitan area in Major League Baseball, we might get to see just how low a recently competitive franchise's attendance can go.