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The everlasting glory of unlikely Starting Lineups

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I'm not wild about the website, but Matt Clapp's post about the 40 most undeserving models for Starting Lineup figures. Actually, I'm not sure undeserving is quite right. I mean, Rick Wilkins might have been one of the five best players in the National League in 1993. In retrospect, though ... Wilkins hit only 37 homers in the rest of his career. In retrospect, today it's strange to see a Rick Wilkins action figure.

What's even weirder, though, is seeing an Albert Hall action figure. What's even weirder is seeing a Pete Stanicek action figure. What's even weirder is that Albert Halls and Pete Staniceks don't come cheap. My favorite Starting Lineup of all time, though? He leads the post: Jeff Manto, part of the 1996's YOUNG SENSATIONS subset.

Jeff Manto turned 32 that summer. Jeff Manto comes real cheap. So I'm just going to keep my Jeff Manto. Forever.