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Carlos Gomez and something you've never seen before

Kevin C. Cox

Boy, that really got out of hand in a hurry.

Wednesday night, Milwaukee's Carlos Gomez led off the game against Atlanta's Paul Maholm.

Maholm's first pitch was a high fastball, and Gomez swung about as hard as he could swing. He missed.

Maholm's second pitch was a low fastball, and Gomez swung just slightly less hard. He didn't miss. He hung around for a while, admiring his handiwork as the baseball sailed over the left-field fence. Finally on his way to first base, he hollered at Maholm. After rounding first base, he hollered over his shoulder at Freddie Freeman. He did some more hollering as he continued his path around the infield.

And then I saw something I have literally never seen before, in fact something that might never have happened before. When Gomez neared the plate, he found a catcher blocking his way. A very angry catcher ...

Of course that led to a brawl of sorts. Definitely a rhubarb!

Gomez got kicked out, and so did Freddie Freeman, although nobody's been able to figure out exactly why.

By the way, Gomez never did touch the plate. He did receive credit for the home run. It's hard to say exactly why, except you could definitely cite McCann for obstruction. Super-obstruction, even.