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Masahiro Tanaka odds: Yankees favorites to sign Rakuten ace

First, let's acknowledge a simple truth. Vegas is smarter than you. And by "Vegas," I mean oddsmakers from Monaco to Malaysia. They are smarter than me, they are smarter than you, and they're excellent at not being wrong.

So let's see what the odds -- courtesy of Bovada say about the favorites for Masahiro Tanaka's services:

New York Yankees - 3/2
Los Angeles Dodgers - 11/4
Seattle Mariners - 5/1
Chicago Cubs - 7/1
Boston Red Sox - 10/1
Arizona Diamondbacks - 12/1
Texas Rangers - 15/1
Los Angeles Angels - 15/1
Toronto Blue Jays - 18/1
Chicago White Sox - 18/1

The ... Yankees?

My odds start with the Dodgers at 1/139 and move from there. There's ... the Yankees? Outbidding the Dodgers? What, is this 2011? If we've moved back in time to 2011, I can prevent the Zack Wheeler trade! Unless that somehow messes up the Marco Scutaro trade ... time travel is the worst.

But there you have it: According to smart people who are very good at this, the Yankees are the favorites for Masahiro Tanaka's services. Seems right they would be rewarded for getting a year back from the ridiculous contract they gave Alex Rodriguez on purpose.