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'In The Zone' with Dhani Jones: The good, bad and ugly of Glascott's

"A fourth-generation bar has got to have some stories. They said Tim and Bob? -- They're the men to talk to ... We could've talked for hours." In the second episode of In the Zone, Dhani Jones visits Glascott's, one of Chicago's oldest bars.

In the second episode of In the Zone, Dhani Jones visits with Bob and Tim Glascott, owners of Glascott's, a fourth-generation family-owned bar in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.

"We stayed through the bad, the good ... and the ugly," said Bob, before remembering when the time they were robbed at gunpoint near the beginning. "We had about 35 bucks in the cash register."

Through it all, Glascott's has remained an integral part of the neighborhood, particularly for Chicago's passionate fans.

"We try to bring the essence of, 'If we can't make it to the game, we're gonna come to Glascott's,'" said current general manager and a third-generation Glascott. "A Bears victory seems to make friendships, and bring people closer together. As the wins pile-up, the crowds pile-up."

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