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'In The Zone' with Dhani Jones: The Bengal Bomb Squad

"The Bomb Squad is a family." The newest episode of "In The Zone" with Dhani Jones talks with the Bengal Bomb Squad, "a gathering of Bengal fans like no other."

"It's the closet thing you can get to being a family."

The "In The Zone" with Dhani Jones series continues with a visit to the Bengal Bomb Squad, a self-described "gathering of Bengal fans like no other."

With games, food galore, great people, superfans, surprise special guests, and of course our traditional Bengal Bombs ... this is a Who Dey gameday experience everyone loves! It's family tailgating with a giant family of Cincinnati Bengals & NFL fans!

The club was founded by Bengals season ticket holders, Judy and Joe. But it was Judy and her daughter, Melissa, that decided the family would start tailgating before games, and a club was born.

"To be a Bengals fan, you've gotta have some thick skin."

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