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Paul Page returns to Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network as voice of the IndyCar Series

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Paul Page was the radio voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a decade, a position he will recover at the start of next season.


A familiar face has been named the new voice of the Indianapolis 500 and the IndyCar Series, according to a story in the Indianapolis Star.

Paul Page has been named as the replacement for Mike King as lead play-by-play announcer for the league, a position that needed filling with King's departure at the start of the month. Page returns to the position he held from 1977 to '87, up until he moved the television broadcast of the 500 and IndyCar racing.

"It's an overused phrase, but it's almost a dream come true," Page said Monday after accepting the position. "I've always thought radio was so much more fun to do, and I think more artistic.

"A radio broadcast can be your creation, not what (a television screen) shows you. It's so much more lively and creative."

Page is a local to the state of Indiana and joined the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network in 1974, where he was mentored by legendary speedway announcer Sid Collins. Page replaced Collins as the 'voice of the Indianapolis 500' when the latter passed away.

In recent seasons, Page has been the lead television announcer for the National Hot Rod Association but was not slated to return for ESPN's coverage for the 2014 season. This allowed Page to return home to Indy car racing.

"Like I told them when I (interviewed), the Speedway made me who I am; it's probably time to give something back to the Speedway," Page said.

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