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Justin Gatlin Wants To See Some Mud Wrestling

There's a bit of a problem at the US Track and Field team trials: Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh finished in a dead heat for the third, and final, Olympic spot in the women's 100m dash. To solve it, the two will either compete in a runoff or flip a coin -- a decision that came after much debate. But the winner of the men's 100m finals, Justin Gatlin, came up with an alternative solution: Wrestling.

He was joking around, but this probably wasn't the best idea. From Jim Caple:

"I'm voting for Jell-O wrestling match," Gatlin said. "Red Jell-O. That's my favorite."

The Jell-O quote wasn't the end of it, either. Instead, he switched it up and decided that mud wrestling would be a better idea. And he did so on SportsCenter...

Again, he was joking, but ... not a good idea. Insinuating a pair of Olympic hopefuls should just go ahead and mud wrestle for a spot on the team is a weeeee bit misogynistic , no?

Far as we know, there will be no wrestling for the final spot on the women's 100m team. Here's hoping the two put on one hell of a show in a runoff.