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Coach Of Allyson Felix And Jeneba Tarmoh Wants Tuesday Runoff

How Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh will decide who gets the third slot to represent Team USA in the women's 100 meters won't be decided until after Saturday night's 200 final, in which both will compete. But their coach, Bobby Kersee, has made his mind clear on the subject: He thinks the two should run on Tuesday, and that for anything to happen any sooner would be unfair to the recovering athletes.

"I thought USA Track and Field's responsibility at first was to look out for the best interest of the athlete," Kersee told The Associated Press on Wednesday night. "That's what I thought. But apparently I might be mistaken."

Basically, the issue is that with the intense training and competitions to qualify for the 200 -- an event in which Felix won silver in 2004 and 2008 -- Kersee feels they need more time to figure this out, which would make sense. As of now, the runners will either have a runoff or a coin flip, or one could bow out. Both runners could still make the Olympics no matter how the situation is decided: Felix is considered a favorite in the 200 and both runners could be selected to the 4x100 team, as they tied for third place in the 100.

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