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VIDEO: Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe To One-On-One For $50,000

Kyrie Irving: "This is not a high school kid coming to you, 'Kobe, Kobe, oh my God' ... No no, this is ME, comin' to you one-on-one."

Kobe Bryant: "You really think you can go one-on-one?"

Kyrie: "You wanna do it right now? 50 grand to a boss is nothing."

Kobe: "I'll cut it to 25, just for you."

Kyrie: "You think you talkin' to a high school kid."

Kobe: "You just came outta high school, kid!"

Kobe: (to cameraman) "I give him credit for his confidence. That's 50 grand for my charity, greatly appreciate it. Hey, easy money, eeeeeassy money, eeeeeeeeeasy money. Eeeeeasy."

Kyrie: "What you think? You think you playin Lil Bow Wow?"

Kobe: "Y'all about the same size!"

Couple notes here:

  1. Kobe is the greatest.
  2. Kyrie is the greatest.
  3. 50 grand IS nothing to a boss.
  4. In 1992, apparently MJ was battling with Magic Johnson during a Dream Team practice, wound up winning, and started serenading Magic with the "Be Like Mike" song. In 1992 or 2012, when you put a bunch of the greatest NBA players on earth together in a gym for weeks, shit like this probably happens ALL THE TIME. The only difference is that now we get to see some of it happen. Basketball (and YouTube) is the greatest.