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BREAKING: Other Countries More Stylish Than United States

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This year, Ralph Lauren was responsible for slapping a horse on everyone's shirt designing the outfits that members of the U.S. Olympic team that will wear at the 2012 Summer Olympics' Opening Ceremony and, presumably, at other things, too. The Americans' outfits are a mixed bag. At best, they look like the ridiculous sketches of someone who goes to that high school on "Gossip Girl." At worst, everyone comes off looking like a pop-collared brobag. Some of the other countries at the Opening Ceremony may be a bit more stylish in their attire. I know, I know ... how could the home country of the Big Dog clothing line be outclassed? See for yourselves.

All images come courtesy of Yahoo! Lifestyle.

First, here are the United States outfits.


See swimmer Ryan Lochte, that guy second from the left in the front row? You're required to make a face that smug while dressed like that. Also, fun fact: The U.S. uniforms were made in China!

Germany opted for the unorthodox theme of "Old Navy ad."


New Zealand, meanwhile, combined "comfortable, understated and stylish" with "1950s librarian." It works!


Belize is clearly still upset that "Pan-Am" was canceled.


And finally, the hands-down winner in the "Swag on 11" Hotness Competition, the Netherlands, who found the perfect balance between "sharp as hell" and "all orange everything."


I'm tempted to make a Chuck Bass joke, but I already hit my "Gossip Girl" quota in the intro. Damn you, SB Nation Style Guide!

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