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VIDEO: Team USA Swimming Does 'Call Me Maybe'

The Greeks invented the original Olympic Games as a series of athletic competitions in honor of Zeus, "the King of the Gods." Fast forward a couple thousand years and now the best athletes in the world are making "Call Me Maybe" parody videos. Sorry, Greek bros!

Sigh. Ain't even mad at it, though.

As Jason Kirk wrote earlier this month, "The 'Call Me Maybe' parody video has become some sort of Internet citizenship test by this point. If you haven't done one, you may not actually be online and instead are only reading a series of Word documents from 2008."

And now it is spreading across the pond. It's like the reverse British Invasion, but with a bunch of athletes just lip-syncing. Team USA swimming adds their name to the illustrious list that includes Harvard baseball, SMU women's rowing, Texas State baseball, Florida baseball and this uncomfortable effort by Texas' university bookstore.