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2012 Olympics Medal Count: Breaking Down USA, China Totals So Far

A look at how the medals have been won by the USA and China so far. China holds a one-medal lead and tops the rest of the world with six golds so far.


China still leads the medal count after two days of competition, staying one step ahead of the United States after two days of the 2012 Olympics. On Saturday, China opened up a lead, snatching up six medals to the United States and Italy's five. The U.S. however, surged past Italy on Sunday in what's become a two-country race.

The U.S. added six medals to its total on Sunday, doing most of its damage in the swimming events. China, however, also added six, bumping its total to 12. Italy picked up an additional two medals and sits in third on the medal count.

The U.S. breakdown leans heavily on swimming so far, as expected. Eight of Team USA's medals have come from the swimming events, including two of its three golds -- the other coming from shooting. The United States added a silver in the men's 400 free relay, a gold in the women's 100 butterfly, a bronze in the women's 400m free relay and a silver in the women's 400m free on Sunday.

China still leads the way in the gold medal department, gathering six through two full days of competition. Shooting and swimming have been the events of choice for China, with four medals coming from each -- and two golds from each, as well. The Chinese also have a gold and silver in weightlifting, a gold in diving and a silver in shooting.

Italy, meanwhile, has dominated fencing, picking up four medals in the event. The medals include one gold, two silvers and two bronze, accounting for four of the Italian's seven medals. Italy also took home gold in archery on Saturday, topping the American men in the team event.

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