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Danell Leyva Sending Women Nude Pics With His Phone

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Now we may know why the American gymnast might have been a wee bit distracted during the team event on Monday

American gymnast Danell Leyva has gotten caught with his pants down. Well, I guess you can't say he's gotten caught, since he's the one who pulled them down and then sent them to women he did not know. Either way, the Olympian has apparently been sending some pretty revealing photos of himself to people he doesn't know.

My guess is some of the women didn't know who he was either until the Olympic broadcasts started. Leyva's face wasn't exactly plastered all over magazines and TV until this past week.

Maybe the pics aren't anything shocking or special, since Leyva appeared in ESPN's Body Issue in mid-July. Heck, if I had that body you'd be hard-pressed to ever get me in clothes.

At least one outlet blamed Levya and teammate John Orozco for the team's failure to win a medal, with the duo making disastrous mistakes on the first two apparatuses.

The biggest tragedy of this whole incident is the fact that Leyva's sending the photos to women. For all the gay guys in Chelsea, West Hollywood and the Castro ... sorry guys. No word yet if Blendr is crashing in London, too.