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Women's Table Tennis Gold Medal Event: Xiaoxia Li Captures Gold For China

China's Xiaoxia Li took home the gold medal in women's table tennis on Wednesday. She defeated fellow countrywoman Ning Ding in the final.

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On Wednesday at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Xiaoxia Li won an all-China final in women's table tennis, bringing home the gold medal by defeating Ning Ding in five sets, 4-1. The competition was very fierce and included a bit of fireworks midway through.

During the fourth set, Ding argued with the judge over a call of a let, getting very frustrated and yelling after the call was upheld. Ding was penalized with a yellow and a red card as a result of the tiff, awarding a point to Li. In the end, it made little difference, as Li won decisively in five sets.

This is the first gold medal for Li, who was the No. 2 seed in the elimination rounds.

In the bronze medal match prior to the final, Tianwei Fang of Singapore was able to take third place by defeating Kasumi Ishikawa of Japan, 4-0.

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