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Russia Continues Rhythmic Gymnastics Dominance With Group All-Around Gold

Russia continued their dominance in rhythmic gymnastics on Sunday, winning the group all-around gold medal. Russia finished up their routines with a 57 overall, a full point and a half higher than silver-medal-winning Belarus, who finished up with a 55.5.

Italy just narrowly missed out on silver, with a score of 55.45, and took home the bronze medal.

Russia has dominated the competition in the Olympics, taking home the gold medal in the event dating back to the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. The last time the country did not win gold in the event was in 1996 in Atlanta, when the Russian team ended up with the bronze medal as Spain took home the gold.

Russia dominated in qualifying and once again in the finals, making it their fourth gold medal in the event in a row.

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