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Oh Lolo Jones, No

United States runner Lolo Jones -- unfairly or not -- has been picked on by the media pretty much nonstop for month leading up to the Olympic Games. She caught flack from all sides based on what supposed ideals for an Olympic athlete (and a woman) are and are not supposed to be. She clashed with teammates. And she failed to medal. In other words, Lolo Jones has had a rough few weeks in London. The word on the street is, the fire in her heart is out.

We feel for you, Lolo. We really do.

But there's no excuse for singing this earnestly to "Wonderwall" by Oasis if you're not alone in your car, driving around in the rain:


Oh, Lolo. I'm all for heartfelt belting but come on, pal. Rein it in just a bit. No?

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