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Tyler Clary Live-Tweets 200m Backstroke Gold Medal Win

Long before the Opening Ceremony, the 2012 Summer Olympics were dubbed the "Social Games." London 2012 marks the first Olympiad with a real, impactful influence from Twitter and Facebook. But so far, all that has resulted from that is tweets complaining about spoilers and/or NBC's tape-delay decisions, Lil Wayne becoming Michael Phelps' biggest fan and Ryan Seacrest's horribly forced "Social Media" segments during the primetime broadcast.

Until Thursday night.

In what is by far the best use of social media thus far from London -- and quite simply basically just the awesomest thing -- American Tyler Clary, with the benefit of the aforementioned tape-delay, live-tweeted his gold medal victory in the 200m backstroke.

it should be noted it was 3:40 in the morning London time when Clary was tweeting his race. Other athletes, take note.

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