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Olympic Trampoline Is The Best Thing Ever

If you're not watching the trampoline events at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, well ... what the hell is wrong with you? This is basically the best thing you could have ever hoped for when you were eight years old. With the advent of trampoline, we're only a few years away from "The Carpet Is Lava" as an Olympic event. Plus, it's one of the most GIF-able events in the whole dang 'lympics.

First of all, French trampolinist Gregoire Pennes demonstrates that the thing you did messing around on your rich friend's trampoline and thinking you were a genius for doing it is now an acceptable transition move.


Trampoline, like all the best Olympic events, combines an amazing amount of athleticism with a spectacularly high level of absurdity. Watch this for a while and try not to just start cackling:


Of course, the absurdity doesn't just end on the court (by which i mean the big trampoline). There is plenty of silly action on the sidelines as well.


And naturally, if you hope to be an Olympic trampoline coach, you'll need, above all else, a very sturdy neck.


I love you, Olympic trampoline. Never leave us.