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2012 Olympics, Men's 100m Fly Results: Michael Phelps Wins Final Individual Event

Michael Phelps closed out his individual campaign at the London 2012 Olympics in the best way possible on Friday, capturing the 100-meter butterfly title in his final individual swim. It was his 17th gold medal, which just piles on to what was already a nearly untouchable record. The 100-meter fly is also the second event that Phelps has won in three consecutive Olympics.

Phelps was understandably thrilled to close out his individual swimming career in style with a victory. "I'm just happy that the last one was a win," said Phelps. "That's all I really wanted coming into the night."

The all-time greatest Olympic champion will take to the water one final time in the 4x100 medley relay, where the Americans are expected to win and capture Phelps' 18th career gold medal to close out his competitive swimming career.

Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic, the silver medalist in the event in 2008, finished fourth in what was likely his final race as well. He's a world class swimmer in his own right, but he summed up the truly spectacular and incomparable nature of Phelps' career in a perfectly succinct manner.

"He's the king of the Olympics Games," said Cavic. "I cannot be compared to Michael Phelps. I'm a one-trick pony."

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