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Great Britain Wins Sailing Gold, China Adds 3 Badminton Medals

The 2012 Summer Olympics continue on Day 9 with a handful of events finishing early on Sunday. Sweden was able to add a gold medal in the men's sailing Star, as Max Salminen and Fredrik Loof led the way, while a pair of either members of Deadliest Catch or homeless bros Great Britain found on the street finished up with a silver. The Brazilian team took home the bronze in the event.

When reached for comment, the Great Britain team stated they were "confused, hungry and jonesing for smack." (This did not actually happen.)

In the men's sailing Finn, a normal-looking person from Great Britain won the gold medal. Ben Ainslie took home the gold for Great Britain while Denmark's Jonas Hogh-Christensen won silver and France's Jonathan Lobert the bronze.

In the men's 50m pistol, South Korea took home both the gold and silver medal as Jongoh Jin and Young Rae Choi finished in first and second place, respectively. China's Zhiwei Wang took home the bronze.

Meanwhile, China took home the gold medal in both the men's singles badminton and men's doubles in badminton on Sunday. Dan Lin won the men's individual while Long Chen won the bronze. Malaysia's Chong Wei Lee took home the silver.

Denmark took the silver medal in men's doubles while South Korea took home the bronze.

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