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Usain Bolt Wins 100m Gold, In GIF Form

Perhaps the most anticipated race of the 2012 Olympics lived up to its billing and then some. Usain Bolt raced down the field from behind and easily pulled away. It was an absolute sight to behold, and something that left everyone with their jaws on the floor, uttering words of excitement and amazement.

So let's just keep reliving the race over and over. You can watch the video of Bolt's win, if that's your thing. Or you can watch GIFs, because GIFs are great.

GIF of the whole race (Warning: Big file. Click to play):


Now let's highlight the moment Bolt hit the jets. This is pretty incredible, and is my favorite GIF for a number of reasons.


"Excuse me, gotta go!"

The celebratory poses:


With a cape!


On the flip side, Asafa Powell pulled up lame after suffering an apparent injury, which you can see in the early GIF featuring Bolt. He was visibly sad as he collected himself on the track.


So yeah, Usain Bolt took on a ridiculously fast field and made them all look foolish. When he hit his top-end speed, it was almost as if everyone else was standing still. Simply an incredible race, and performance, to watch.

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