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Man Who Threw Bottle, Got Punched Before 100m Final Identified

Well this is some great camerawork. It's also a great time to ridicule the moron who, just seconds before the gun went off to begin the men's 100m finals, threw a bottle onto the track in the direction of Usain Bolt.

To set the scene, the eight finalists were in the blocks and the stadium had gone quiet. All eyes were on the starting line as Bolt and the rest of his incredibly speedy competitors got set to fly down the track in less than 10 seconds. And one idiot decided he wanted to be completely stupid.

So he threw a bottle. He was close enough to the track and positioned right behind the runners that the bottle got pretty close to the blocks.


See the woman next to him in the black and orange? That's Edith Bosch. Earlier, she took home a bronze medal in judo.

She wasn't having the whole bottle-throwing thing and reportedly decked the guy. A bit of instant karma, if you will. And if that wasn't enough, the man was arrested. Because he's an idiot and did it in plain sight of, well, everyone. Nice job!

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