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U.S. Olympian Blames Pot Brownies For Expulsion From Games

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American fighter Nick Delpopolo finished No. 7 in the 73-kg weight class in judo at the 2012 Olympics. Then he got busted for something quite less than a kilo: Delpopolo has been expelled from the 2012 Games on account of a positive cannabis test. The International Olympic Committee tests athletes ridiculously frequently, so what's Delpopolo's excuse for the obvious misstep?

Well, then. The question now becomes where he acquired these baked goods. The positive test came on July 30, three days after the Opening Ceremony. I'm no expert but I think that may mean he ingested the pot once already in London. Which means he either ventured outside the Olympic Village for snack time, enjoyed some goods packed by his family back home or had a little brownie party with friends (and fellow Olympians) in the Village. In which case ... anyone seen Michael Phelps?