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Men's Gymnastics Parallel Bars: Feng Zhe Captures More Gold For China

China's Feng Zhe earned another gold for the 2008 hosts, winning on the parallel bars. The medal is China's third men's gymnastics gold of the Games, more than any other country has mustered regardless of gender.

The United States didn't have an entry among the nine competitors in the first apparatus of the day, while China had two. Feng, who won the 2010 World Championships on the parallel bars, earned China's third gold on the apparatus in four Olympics after Li Xiaopeng won in 2000 and 2008. He attempted to execute the most difficult score of any competitor, with a maximum score of 17.0 and his eventual score of 15.966 was good enough for gold.

Japan had hoped for a medal out of the Tanaka brothers, Kazuhito and Yusuke, who both competed in the event, but was disappointed as they finished fourth and eighth respectively.

Gold: Feng Zhe, China

Silver: Marcel Nguyen, Germany

Bronze: Hamilton Sabot, France

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