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2012 Summer Olympics: Aly Raisman Takes Home Bronze In Beam, Gold In Floor

American Aly Raisman was able to win two medals on Tuesday as she took home a bronze medal in the in the Women's Individual Beam and added another gold medal in the Women's Individual Floor, her third medal of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

"To say that I even almost had four medals, that makes me even more happy," Raisman told the Associated Press. "It definitely went better than I thought it would."

In the balance beam earlier in the day, Raisman ended up tied with Romania's Catalina Ponor for third place after the judges converged and decided they had scored Raisman too low. During her routine, Raisman had just a single small adjustment on her routine and a slight hop on the dismount, landing her a score of 14.966 which would have placed her in fourth place if not for the adjustment.

In the tie breaker, Raisman's higher execution total gave her the edge over Ponor, a former Olympic Champion, for the bronze medal.

"A gold medal is a gold medal, but I definitely felt like (beam) was redemption from the other night in the all-around," Raisman told the Associated Press. "I was in the same exact position, but it went in my favor this time."

Just under two hours after winning the bronze medal in the balance beam, Raisman finished up her trip to the 2012 Summer Games with an outstanding floor routine, scoring a 15.6, which was the highest floor score awarded in the entire 2012 Summer Games.

"I definitely wanted to get an individual medal here," Raisman told the Associated Press. "So I felt I had nothing to lose on floor because I'd already achieved a goal. It was going to be my last memory from London."

Ponor, who just lost out to Raisman for Bronze in the balance beam, had a near-perfect routine herself, but it still couldn't come close to Raisman's score, falling four-tenths short of the American.

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