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Postseason baseball infuriates Big Bang Theory-loving Twitter denizens

The only thing more American than baseball is complaining a lot that The Big Bang Theory isn't on.


During preseason football, we found out that only one thing approaches Americans' passion for football: their passion for The Big Bang Theory.

I'm not sure what draws people like my parents and ... well ... my parents to The Big Bang Theory, because so far as I can tell, it's just the same joke about nerds adapting awkwardly to social situations 4,000 times per episode, but, people sure do love it!

Thus, there was intense disappointment when the Rays and Rangers needed a one-game playoff Monday night, suddenly bumping three hours of Big Bang Theory reruns from TBS's regularly scheduled programming.

h/t to Lana for pointing this phenomenon out:

And h/t to these people, for being themselves: