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Minor league hockey team to give away cemetery plot

Sure, you love the Bakersfield Condors. But do you love them TO DEATH?!

David Rogers

The ECHL affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers is going to have a very, very creative giveaway in January. Here's the scoop, via Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy:

Yes, it's the Condors' first-ever Cemetery Plot Giveaway Night on Friday, Jan. 21, 2014 against the Utah Grizzlies. "Certainly we don't wish death on anyone, but when you live to be 120 years old and the time comes, we have you covered," said the team in announcing the promotion.

"Hopefully whoever wins it won't need to for a while," said team president Matthew Riley in an interview on Wednesday.

The giveaway is for two burial plots, valued at $5,000. The good news: free burial plots, yo! The bad news: you have to be buried in Bakersfield. (Trust me, that's a massive diss.)

Go see a hockey game and think about death the entire time? Sounds to me like they're horning in on baseball's gimmick.