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Video of Les Miles cussing about hammers and nails, what else is new

The Tigers won both on the field and in the aura of oddity emanating from their head coach. He is a passionate man.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Les Miles is not a carpenter by trade, though his name is enshrined in Home Depot lore. What he is is a man with opinions on the eternal battle between the hammer and the nail. He's also a person who gets very excited after football games.

In response to an attempted question about LSU taking over for Florida as "the hammer" in this rivalry (because Florida was "the hammer" in Gainesville last year, LSU was thus the nail), Miles went all Miles:

Partial transcript here:

Yep, he got that worked up about a question about last year's loss to Florida, all after beating Florida.

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