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Cleveland Browns weiner dog race are the best thing ever

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The Dawgs are great, but real dogs are better.

Back in July, we heard that Cleveland would be revamping their fan experience with many things, but most importantly, weiner dog races. Yes, daschunds being told to run in a direction and having no idea what's going on but running anyway and it looks stupid because they're stupid dogs with silly-shaped bodies that don't look normal running. (We stand by our statement that the team needed corgi races, but alas, nobody listened.)

We waited a long time, but today, during halftime of the team's game against the Lions, it was finally time for weiner dog races:


This is INCREDIBLE. I thought the long-haired one had no chance after veering off at the beginning and that the really tiny one was too tiny, but both dogs managed to make a race of it before eventually bowing out to the super-fast one.

When we wrote that story back in July, the majority of responses were "yeah the best way to change the fan experience would be by WINNING GAMES." Well, the on-field Dawgs have won their last three straight, and are up 17-7 on Detroit, so,