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Western Kentucky coaches break paddles on each other (and they've done this before)

The Hilltoppers have adopted a pretty insane pregame tradition.

You think you're excited about Sun Belt Tuesday? No. Compared to WKU's strength coaches, you hate Sun Belt Tuesday. Nobody's more excited about anything than these guys are about Sun Belt Tuesday. And they do this kind of stuff for every game.

Here was Tuesday night against Louisiana-Lafayette, when one paddle was headbutted to death.



Sometimes paddles don't break. That probably hurts way worse.


Previously in the same strength regime was Sept. 28 before the Navy game ...

... and before Marshall games last year ...

... and there was fire this time:

From West Virginia to Western Kentucky. It's like a barnstorming circus of pregame intensity. It will probably follow Bobby Petrino to his next destination, too, so watch your back literally.

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