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Confirmed: Yao Ming is taller than Muggsy Bogues

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The Yao-Muggsy photo the world has been waiting for!

Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player in NBA history, so anytime he's in the presence of someone at the opposite end of that spectrum, it's a moment for documentation. Unfortunately, there's been a longtime pause on Muggsy's photographic march down the list of historically tall NBA players. There's a great photo of Bogues and 7'6 Shawn Bradley (and Space Jam). There is proof that 7'7 Gheorghe Muresan crossed paths with (and was perplexed by) Bogues. There is, of course, the classic image of Bogues and his 7'7 Washington teammate Manute Bol. Those are the top three guys on the NBA's all-time tall list, and they're all contemporaries of Bogues. Number four is Yao Ming, whose career did not overlap with Muggsy's, leaving little opportunity for a photo. Well, that hole in history has been filled, thanks to soon-to-be NBA commissioner Adam Silver:

Up next on the Muggsy With Historically Tall NBA Players List: Chuck Nevitt, Pavel Podkolzin, and Slavko Vranes. Tough ones, but we'll get 'em.

(via netw3rk and MimiPh)