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Where Bo Wallace's 'Dr. Bo' nickname came from

The legend of Dr. Bo continues to grow, to the point where the doctor himself has addressed his nickname.

In late August, the SB Nation college football team gathered in DC at Vox Media headquarters. Perhaps the most important thing to come out of this meeting was a nickname: Dr. Bo, a pulled-out-of-a-hat moniker for Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace.

The nickname was simple: Ryan Nanni sat in a corner screaming, "DOCTOR BO," along with various medical terms for almost the entirety of an NCAA Football 14 matchup between Spencer Hall's Auburn and Jason Kirk's Ole Miss. Because Wallace was operating his offense surgically, for the first half, at least. We can still hear Ryan shouting every time Wallace takes the field in real life.

The legend of Dr. Bo has grown throughout the season, becoming a common nickname on Twitter and elsewhere. And now the doctor himself has responded (via Hugh Kellenberger of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger):

"It came from a video game, they were playing video games or something like that," Wallace said. "So yeah I'm aware of it. ... It's cool, I guess."

We're going to take this as an endorsement and run with it. And remember, kids: Good things do come from playing video games.