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Tyler Hansbrough takes offense, backs down when he realizes it's Metta World Peace

Tyler Hansbrough will get up in pretty much anybody's face. But not Metta World Peace's, and for good reason.

via @cosmis

Tyler Hansbrough has earned the nickname "Psycho T" over the course of his career for his, yanno, psycho attitude. His eyes are constantly open wider than you thought eyes could be, he's always getting aggravated at other players on the court for random things. For example.

But Monday night in a preseason game against the Knicks, he ran up against the one player who might be more psycho than himself: Metta World Peace:

OH MAN THIS GUY STICKING HIS ARM OVER MY BACK IS ABSOLUTELY GONNA GET IT, I'M GONNA PUNCH HIM IN THE -- my bad my bad my bad. It won't happen again, Mr. World Peace. Mr. Peace. What do you want me to call you just tell me please I'll call you that.