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This GoPro video of a mountain bike run will blow your mind

Kelly McGarry did this on a bicycle. Nothing is impossible.

The above video comes to us via Ashley Burns at With Leather. Just a warning: This video may screw with you if you have motion sickness issues. Like if you couldn't watch Cloverfield without getting nauseous or whatever.

But if you DON'T have motion sickness issues, this video will STILL screw with you, because HOLY CRAP WHAT and WHOA DUDE DON'T GO DOWN THAT OH GEEZ with a little bit of HOLY CRAP WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.

Not to be ignored is that this run was the SECOND-PLACE finish at the Red Bull Rampage (which is also a handy euphemism for bathroom times after too many energy drinks). Which means someone did a more insane/better run than this, which you already can't believe. But that jerk wasn't wearing a GoPro, so whoops!