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Nate Burleson gets a year's worth of DiGiorno's after pizza-related car accident

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It's not delivery.

Remember when Nate Burleson broke his arm in a car accident because he was trying to save a slice of pizza from falling out of his passenger's seat? Normally, we don't make fun of injuries -- especially not car accidents -- but Burleson emerged without serious injury (the injury was a bummer from a football perspective, but he's been able to return to action), and he's had a sense of humor about his pizza-related downfall.

So, too, did a certain frozen pizza company.

Yes, DiGiorno's has made sure Nate Burleson will avoid similar carryout pizza-related peril by giving him all the delivery-quality pizza his heart could desire -- right in his freezer! Honestly, great marketing move by DiGiorno's, a company that apparently pays a lot of attention to the ins and outs of the NFL injury reports.