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Pierre the New Orleans Pelican is the scariest thing ever, the Internet responds

New Orleans' rebranding was going fine until they decided to make a clown murder bird their new public face.

The New Orleans Pelicans now have a mascot! Unfortunately, a) it doesn't look like a pelican b) it looks more like, as Seth Rosenthal described it, a murderous, syphilitic version of the Cluck-U-Chicken.

It's the scariest thing in the world, aptly unveiled the day before Halloween. And they unveiled it in the scariest way possible:

(Note: Adam's twitter name was not that at the start of the evening.)

Luckily, we're on the internet. And the internet had a damn field day, making the Pelican even scarier somehow (via @talkhoops) 818599942_medium

And putting it in scary movies:

Some quality GIFs via @Nick_pants

Qppzw0v_medium : Dmkyykx_medium

And somehow, the Hornets took even more horrifying pictures of the monster:

Of course, this led to more photoshops:

Pierre even made it to the World Series!


But eventually, he retired where all terrifying clown murder birds go when they get old: Miami.

We're so, so scared of you, Pierre.