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The Anaheim Ducks will be Mighty Ducks once again, if only for one night

quack. quack. Quack. Quack! Quack!! Quack!!! QUACK!!!! QUACK!!!!!!

After essentially being formed by Disney in the early '90s based on a kids movie, the hockey team in Anaheim disappointed '90s children everywhere by making the decision to remove the "Mighty" from their name in 2006.

The name is gone for good, it seems, but at least for one night, the uniforms -- along with the signature duck-bill hockey mask -- are going to come back. They'll wear throwbacks to commemorate the franchise's 20th year Sunday against Ottawa:

Personally, I say this is not going far enough. After a while, having the team named after a movie franchise got tacky, but now that the kids who saw those movies are grown up, nostalgia is nigh. Hence why these throwback jerseys are going to fly off the shelves. Bring back the Mighty.

And Bruce Boudreau is a solid coach ... but is he as good as Gordon Bombay? No. Nobody is as good at coaching as Gordon Bombay. And is Viktor Fasth as good a goalie as Goldberg?

Yes. Yes, he's probably a lot better.