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CFL kicker angers the God of Wind, misses 22-yard FG in OT loss

This kick came up juuuuuuuuuuuust a bit short. No, seriously. Like, two inches short.

Aeolus was the Greek God of Wind. In the Odyssey, he gives Odysseus a bag filled with winds, but Odysseus' men, greedy and believing the bag to be filled with riches, opened it, and it blew them off course.

The same thing happened in a CFL game to Sean Whyte, kicker for the Montreal Alouettes, when he tried to kick a 22-yarder.


This wasn't just any field goal. This was in a playoff game the Alouettes eventually lost, 19-16, in overtime.

Of course, since it was a kick that ended up in the end zone, this did score a point for the Alouettes via rouge. I think I'm going to move to Canada, just for the slightly different rules. Although I'm officially worried about flying there, lest my plane be blown just short of the runway by the 60-trillion mile per hour winds that render all air-based activities impossible. (I believe this is 100 trillion kilometres per hour, for you Northerners.)

The winners, of course, were the Hamilton Tiger-Cats:



And yes, that's Dan LeFevour, who would score the game-winning rushing TD in overtime. The losing QB was Troy Smith. Yes, that Troy Smith. The losing RB was NORTHWESTERN RB TYRELL SUTTON.OMG GIMME A BAG OF MILK I'M MOVING TO CANADA AND EATING POUTINE AND INSERTING THE LETTER "U" INTO EVERYTHING