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Wichita State Rockstar Energy Ladies are the stars of College Basketball Tip-off Marathon

These ______genarians turned to high-caffeine remedies to keep them up for 1 a.m. Shockers basketball.

The ESPN College Basketball Tip-Off Marathon is an endurance test. Only the craziest, like our Mike Rutherford, try to stay up for all 30 hours of basketball.

The marathon found its mascots relatively early, in the 1 a.m. slot, the game between last year's Final Four participant Wichita State and a shorthanded Western Kentucky team. Those mascots were the Wichita State Rockstar Energy Ladies.

Don't worry, they shared the can:

We salute you, Wichita State Rockstar Energy Ladies, and your swigging ways. We'd say something like "we hope you made it through the game," but we know you've been up since last Tuesday powering through the new Call of Duty and this college hoops game just happened to get in your way.

Get 'em a sponsorship deal, Rockstar.