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Wayne Rooney's phone password was 'Stella Artois'

We assume only because "Get bleedin' piss drunk" exceeded the character limit.

David Ramos

This phone hacking news is horrifying, but this is delightful and unbelievably perfect:

Other phone passwords revealed during the investigation*:

- Aaron Rodgers: "F_Favre"
- Kobe Bryant: "#mambamentality"
- Marshawn Lynch: "$kittle$"
- Dwight Howard: "CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs4Lyfe"
- Eli Manning: "Computer please assign me a password"
- Greg Schiano: "acheivment"
- Rob Gronkowski: "GRONK69GRONK69"
- Rex Ryan: "ham"

*Not really, these are jokes. Sorry, everyone!