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Mike Leach called the Big 12 head of officials during a game

In 2007, the Texas Tech head coach pulled out his cell phone and called new commissioner Dan Beebe during the second half against Texas.

*Or so the legend goes.

William Mancebo

Former Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell has Mike Leach stories. Everyone who's ever come into contact with Mike Leach has Mike Leach stories, but Harrell's are especially good. Harrell started for Leach from 2006 to 2008, the height of the air raid madman's Lubbock reign.

Via Football Scoop, a transcript of some of Harrell's remarks here (13:50 mark):

"I can remember in the third quarter, he's pulling his cell phone out," Harrell says of Texas Tech's 2007 loss at Texas. "He always talked to me between series, so he's talking to me and he pulls his cell phone out and he called the Big 12 commissioner. He's like cussing out the Big 12 commissioner, telling him like, 'These refs are screwing us. You better watch my post-game press conference, because I've got some stuff to say.'"

Leach followed through, calling the officiating a "complete travesty." He received a Big 12-record $10,000 fine, to which he said, "We've broke records around here before. We're used to breaking records."

Update: Leach denies he called Beebe, but does acknowledge making a call.

There was a game that had some questionable calls and so I did call the head of officials and pointed it out, that's what that was. It wasn't Dan Beebe, I know Dan really well. I talk to Beebe a lot, I talked to him after that one, too.

And, yeah, of course it was the Texas game.