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Illini fans' love-hate relationship with Cliff Alexander

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and the ol' recruitment switcheroo were all in play Friday for this group of Orange Krush.


Cliff Alexander is very good at the game of basketball. He plays it at Curie High School in Chicago. Illinois fans were understandably excited when he reached for their hat.

And then -- oh no! It was apparently prank day at Curie High School and nobody told the Illini fans. He picked the Kansas Jayhawks instead.

Alexander broke some ankles with that one (basketball term)!

Illinois fans who momentarily loved Alexander like a first born and stood with heads held high and lungs full of joy quickly demonstrated they never really liked him in the first place. Frequent use of a certain word that begins with an "f" is the best way to do that, in case you're wondering.

There are many great things about this video, from the White Sox bro at the start who just needs a place to rest his hand -- no touching, please! -- to the girl on the right who makes a cameo appearance at the 34-second mark to sum up the feelings of her friends, to the many facepalms found throughout the room, to our personal favorite, the bro in the Zubaz who flies the double bird at the end because one bird alone cannot contain his emotion.


Illinois fans, we salute you. Recruiting season is a cruel mistress indeed.