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Tracy McGrady badly needs a suit that fits

Tracy McGrady shrunk since we last saw him in the NBA about six months ago. A lot.

Tracy McGrady is occasionally appearing on NBATV this year. Normally, television shows feature people who decide what clothes the people on television wear. Apparently, the NBATV show on which Tracy McGrady appears does not feature such a person

(We saw this via the omnipresent @jose3030.)

Tracy McGrady is 6'8. His incredibly baggy pants make him appear like a person who is, at most, 4'10, and has the torso-to-legs ratio of two kids standing inside one set of clothes to give the impression that they are, in fact, one adult.

We could just make fun of this, but I'm just astounded by the circumstances that had to combine for such a massive sartorial mistake to occur.

Either a) Tracy McGrady, who made $162 million off of NBA contracts in his career -- not including endorsements or foreign contracts -- and is presumably paid handily to appear on television -- does not own a suit of his own that fits or b) NBATV, whose on-air talent features several people of McGrady's height or taller, did not have any suits on hand for a 6'8 person.. Or some combination of those two.

And whose suit is this? Fellow NBATV talent Shaq? Yao, from T-Mac's time in Houston? Maybe T-Mac has a 7'5 older brother and this is a hand-me-down?