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VIDEO: Notre Dame LB wanted to go to Hogwarts

Yer a wizard, Dan Fox!

One of the unique aspects of Notre Dame's coverage on NBC is that the individual units are introduced by one of their players, who then gets to say whatever he wants in the few seconds his face is on the screen. Sort of like the NFL's lineups saying their name and school, but with a little more room for creativity or what have you.

All that is to say you're about to see Notre Dame linebacker Dan Fox start talking about Harry Potter out of nowhere.

You know that movie "Revenge of the Nerds," where Ogre is the most constant tormenter of the Nerds, but then he becomes a Nerd himself, and he fits right in, just in his own weird way? You remember that? Dan Fox is if Ogre figured all that out before he went to college and embraced it. As one ought to.

So here you go Dan. This is for you.


Just fits, doesn't it? Yeah.