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VIDEO: South Carolina fans celebrating Auburn's SEC East-altering Hail Mary

The season's wildest finish impacted the SEC championship race, and action stopped at South Carolina's game so Gamecocks fans could watch Auburn give their team a boost.

Saturday night, South Carolina fans were counting on two things happening in order to keep their chances of reaching the SEC title game intact. One was a victory over the Florida. The other was Auburn beating Georgia, which due to [complicated SEC East standings] would ensure Missouri must finish perfect in order to take the division. Both of those happened.

Before or after The Play arrived in Auburn (since there's a debate as to whether action was beamed live to Columbia or slightly delayed), South Carolina's own game was put on hold to watch the Dawgs fall.

And one Gamecocks fan, feeling led by the spirit, documented the exciting results for posterity. Also, he was drunk.

Tune in next Saturday, when Florida fans wrench their eyes away from what's happening at the talons of Georgia Southern to steal a glance at what's happening to Chattanooga against Alabama.

Videos and photos via The War Eagle Reader, Deadspin, and

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