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Florida players block each other vs. Georgia Southern

A screenshot tells how Florida lost to a vastly inferior opponent -- and also tells a tale of forbidden love.

Georgia Southern's win against Florida isn't just mystifying because, um, it's Georgia Southern beating Florida. It's mystifing because of the complete domination: The Eagles outgained Florida by 150 and the game was only a six-point game because they fumbled the ball twice. Sure, Florida has some injured players, but they're Florida, and Georgia Southern is an FCS team that was 4-4 in the Southern Conference. How does a team get beat so thoroughly by an opponent that should be so inferior?

But one screenshot can explain a lot of what happened to the Gators:

Yup, that's two Florida players, blocking each other on a Florida run play.

I'm sad we have but a screencap. I want to know how long it took for them to realize what was going on. Did they break away quickly, a mistake in a game full of them, or did they look deep into each other's eyes and hold on -- realizing that things even though weren't going their way, they still had each other.

I prefer to believe the latter.

As a side note, may the player below the score at the top of the screen rest in peace. It's actually rather beautiful that the Eagles rallied around their dead teammate to get the win -- although disappointing the Gators couldn't take advantage of an opponent that was weakened in terms of depth and in terms of their emotions.

Update: We found the video... and it's as good as you thought it was: THEY WERE ACTUALLY BLOCKING EACH OTHER


Looks like lineman Jonotthan Harrison and WR Quinton Dunbar?