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Brock Osweiler tries to block the Patriots' game-winning field goal

The Broncos' backup QB came up just a bit short trying to block a kick. Just a bit.

In overtime of Broncos-Patriots, a muffed punt set up a chip shot 31-yard field goal for Stephen Gostkowski. With the game on the line, Denver was willing to take any and all steps to prevent the Patriots from winning.

One of those steps? Putting 6'8 quarterback Brock Osweiler in to potentially block a punt.

It makes sense in theory -- he's the tallest player on the Broncos -- and it's hilarious, since the only thing we've ever heard about Brock Osweiler is how tall he is. And what if it worked? Would teams start signing tall quarterbacks just for field goal blocks? Would Gheorghe Muresan sign an NFL contract?

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work:


Yeah, it looks like he gets higher than Duke Ihenacho, but... um... like, not high enough to block the kick. He was off by about 30 feet. Maybe he should've tried getting a little bit closer to the line of scrimmage.

In fact, at this point, I'm kind of wondering if Brock Osweiler can dunk.