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Nashville Predators make most patriotic video possible after beating Maple Leafs


The Nashville Predators beat the Toronto Maple Leafs, 4-2, last Thursday. They made a video to commemorate the event, which once and for all proved American dominance over Canada:

American things:

  1. The song "I Am A Real American," aka Hulk Hogan's intro music.
  2. An eagle.
  3. Thomas Jefferson quote.
  4. American flag
  5. The White House
  6. The Grand Canyon
  7. Maverick from Top Gun
  8. Hulk Hogan, of course
  9. George Washington
  10. Captain America
  11. Apple pie
  12. Abraham Lincoln
  13. Hoisting the flag at Iwo Jima
  14. Mt. Rushmore
  15. The Liberty Bell
  16. Success baby? Have we ever determined his nationality?
  17. Statue of Liberty
  18. GI Joe
  19. Robocop
  20. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  21. Chuck Norris (Technically, Walker Texas Ranger)
  22. Smokey and the Bandit
  23. A Hummer doing a jump
  24. A hot dog (on a sesame seed bun?)
  25. A $100 bill
  26. Workers on the Empire State Building
  27. Uncle Sam

Agreed on all counts. America. There's hockey interspersed with all those things, but we'll let that pass.

One problem though... the Predators have eight American players ... and nine Canadian players. On the plus side, they crammed four of their eight Freedom Humans into the wavy flag pic up there, so they have their priorities straight.