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Texas Tech trick play against Texas goes very poorly

The Red Raiders tried a throw-back pass that turned into a beautifully arced fumble.

Texas Tech used a trick play (whether it was intentional or not) to great effect early on against Texas, springing its punter for a 51-yard touchdown. On the other side of the Thanksgiving college football dial, Ole Miss used a throw-back pass to quarterback Bo Wallace to pick up a first down.

So let's keep the good vibes going! How about a throw-back of your own, Tech? Oh no:


Texas has been marauding through the Red Raiders' backfield all night long, with six sacks in the first half. Here, the latest parade of Longhorns was simply too much to overcome for such a slow-developing play, and, yeah, that's a backwards pass and therefore a fumble.

This was also a case of BALL DON'T LIE, as a Texas drop on the previous play was very curiously ruled a fumble in Texas Tech's favor.

The score is 20-10, Texas, due to things like this.

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